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Rejoice  Immigration  Consultant   has  built a  reputation  as  a  highly respected  and  successful  job placement agency focusing  on  foreign  worker job  placements in Canada, helping employers to staff and  build their companies the  way envision them as well as helping foreign workers find job placement in Canada.
Are  you  a  foreign worker seeking placement with a  Canadian  company ? we  have  relations with a  number  of  Canadian employers across  Canada seeking foreign workers  for  their  company. trust our  professional consultants to  find  you  a  suitable company for employment.
      Rejoice Immigration  Consultant  is looking for workers to work in Canada . We have  this job vacancies below
(1) Sales Workers (2)Room Attendants (3) Restaurant Supervisors (4)Constructions Workers
(5) Accountants (6) Architects (7) Marketing Assistants (8)Chartered Accountants (9)Cashiers (10) Logistics
(11) Carpenters (12)Office Assistants (13) Nurses (14) Drivers (15)Engineering Workers (16))Electricians (17)
Waiters/Waitress (18) Plumbers(19) Receptionists (20) Computer Administrations (21) Farmers(22) Finance
Marketing (23)Fruit Packers (24)Doctors (25) Cook (26)Kitchen Stewarding (27)Bar Man (28) Food & Beverage Supervisors (29)House Keeping Supervisors (30)Shift Attendants (31) Bellboys (32) Captains (33) Store Manger (34) Store Keepers
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